Valley Brook Baptist Church

1198 North Valley Brook Road

Decatur, GA 30033

(404) 292 - 0212


Valley Brook - A Snapshot in Time

Valley Brook Baptist Church , established 57 years ago in Decatur, Georgia, is a place where families gather.  Crepe myrtle trees and day lilies ring the perimeter of its red brick façade at times, and on winter days its gleaming white steeple splits the clear sky reaching toward God.

On any given Sunday morning you will hear what has likely echoed there for the last half century.  You will hear the hurried “hellos” of church members and visitors on the way to church, the choir’s golden voices as a joyful noise is made, murmured prayers, and our Pastor, Mike Roper, preaching the word of God.  That would be one of Valley Brook’s strongest points—the word of God, provided to us when we need it most.

On Sunday afternoons there will be meetings of Deacons or the Church Council, the comings and goings of those who are preparing for next Wednesday’s service, and then the six o’clock service, known as our “celebration.”  This is our last chance to gather before Monday hits us with another week’s new challenges.  Often there will be the smell of fried chicken and pound cake wafting through the air, as families gather for our monthly Sunday night supper.  Some of the best cooks in the South come through our doors.  Many a conversation about God has been held over a slice of coconut cake, and probably some conversions began with such exchanges.

So, there it is— Valley Brook Baptist Church —a loving, accepting, affirming Baptist Church .  Our doors are always open, and we invite you to join our congregation in any of its activities with the hope that Christ’s sacrifice and God’s love lead you to a love for one another, the community, and the world.